TANKCO General Trading Company is a Kuwaiti company engaged in the business of Firefighting Equipments and Emergency response products in Kuwait. We are the exclusive distributors of FloodSax in GCC countries and LUF products in the MENA region.

TANKCO is a creative company aiming to introduce new ideas, new products and services into Kuwait.

By utilizing our experience, flexibility, and capabilities to meet your needs and governmental regulations, TANKCO remains dedicated to providing dependable, quality products and services at competitive prices.

We believe that our combination of professional experience, knowledge, dedication, and flexibility makes us the best choice for your projects. We look forward to bringing the TANKCO commitment to you.

"TANKCO Solution with The Right People"

LUF Firefighting Machines ,Austria.

LUF, is part of the Bruno Walter Companies, a business group that manufactures firefighting mobile vehicles, pump-systems, other LUF products, services and knowledge for or related to the firefighting system having its registered office in Austria. For more information about LUF products please log on to

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Sandless Sandbags - FLOODSAX, United Kingdom.


FLOODSAX is a unique product refined by modern technology and a solution to accidental leakages, floods or outburst of water in any place. It is the self-absorbing, sandbag alternative that can help protect your property against water damage. It absorbs 50 times its dry weight and offer superior protection against flooding, leaks and hazardous chemicals. It is an ideal solution to help protect your property against rising waters, storm surge and other potentially damaging flood related disasters. It is even useful under leaky sinks, next to an overflowing toilet or to stop a sewage leak. It can reduce risk of damage from rainfall and water flow.

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BASELIGHT   the world's most advanced portable lighting system with 65000 & 95000 Lumens Easy to move, easy to deploy, Manual & fully automatic options and no maintenance. Baselight MX Series is the most advanced LED light tower in the world. With the innovative digital mast system and IOT automation features to make sure the customers can do their job faster and safer than ever before. 


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A comprehensive, ‘best-in-class’ service provision model, supported by a ‘right first time’ philosophy, as well as a commitment to the highest quality in Customer Services and building long-term relationships with our Clients provides a very attractive ‘value proposition’ and thereby positions TANKCO for growing success in the region.

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