TANK International Petroleum Equipment and Instrumentation Co. (TANKCO), a Kuwaiti company incorporated in 12 June 2005, engaged in the business of petroleum equipment, Oil Services & Instrumentation.

TANKCO is committed to providing you with the best professional service possible.

By utilizing our experience, flexibility, and capabilities to meet your needs and governmental regulations, TANKCO remains dedicated to providing dependable, quality products and services at competitive prices.

We believe that our combination of professional experience, knowledge, dedication, and flexibility makes us the best choice for your projects. We look forward to bringing the TANKCO commitment to you.

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LUF, is part of the Bruno Walter Companies, a business group that manufactures firefighting mobile vehicles, pump-systems, other LUF products, services and knowledge for or related to the firefighting system having its registered office in Austria. For more information about LUF products please log on to

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IFEX, Germany.

IFEX (Impulse fire extinguishing technology) has changed the world of fire fighting in only a very few years. The way it functions is actually very simple to explain: it discharges the extinguishing agent in a matter of milliseconds at a very high velocity right into the seat of the fire. 25 bars of air pressure in the pressure chamber provide the high discharge velocity; the extinguishing agent - usually plain water - is pressurized with 6bars into the water chamber. The shot is triggered off by a high speed valve, which lays between the two chambers; the valve opens for for only 20/1000 of a second. Air resistance acting on the water stream breaks the water droplets down and reduces the normal mean droplet size from about 700 microns to an average of 100 microns. So the cooling surface of one liter of water is increased from the normal 5,8 sqm to 60sqm, thus reducing the temperature in confined rooms from a deadly 1000°C to 40°C within seconds.

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KD International is a company specialized in design and manufacturing of Filtration and Separation Equipment for the Oil & Gas Industry. KD's solutions are best suited for EPC companies operating Jack up's, Semi-Submersible's, Drill ships, Production Rigs and their requirements related to Coalescing, Filtration & Separation. For more information about KD's product line up please log on to

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TANK International Petroleum Equipment and Instrumentation Co. (TANKCO),


A comprehensive, ‘best-in-class’ service provision model, supported by a ‘right first time’ philosophy, as well as a commitment to the highest quality in Customer Services and building long-term relationships with our Clients provides a very attractive ‘value proposition’ and thereby positions TANKCO for growing success in the region.

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